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Follow-up ODFDOM tutorial

Sorry, newbie here trying to do tutorial mentioned at:

import statements on .jar files apparently not working...

when attempt to run from currrent directory:

%java QuickOdt

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ODF specification

What is official certificated  open document with html-copy of 1-st,  URL and Copyright?

bvg 250909 


EBook Standards and OpenDocuments

Tonight a close friend of mine drove my attention to the open ebook standard and the conference he recently attended to. This make it the issue on standards a very important part to create an opportunity for both and OpenDocument to have transformations for this open format.

 Documents and books are something that have similar needs, they need to be open formats, they need to be accesable and human readable. The ebook specs are provided on their site and also have an awesome way to process information.

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Accessing open office document style.xml file

we load the content.xml file using pecice of java code.

odfDoc = loadDocument(TemplateName);

odfContent = odfDoc.getContent();

it gives content.xml ther any way to acess the style.xml

i tried in to get style.xml file.i am able to access the file.

while writing and saving time its not reflecting the cahnges.

Pls help ,






Would it make sense to port ODFViewer to VB?

Hi recently I had a conversation with a fellow developer and talk about ODF popularity. The debate centralized between the Open source agenda and the open standard agenda and where it cross.

The idea of empowering ODF across technologies and systems can sometimes be challenging to absorbed by open source people (including myself). 

So an interesting challenging was brought up. Why not have an ODF Viewer in microsoft technology. This means VB and ActiveX. This will be as tactical as having a ODF plugin for Microsoft office.

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