FAQ on creating an XML.org online community

What are the first steps an Editorial Board should take?

What's the difference between KB, Today, and Wiki pages?

Each section has a specific purpose. Editorial access is set to meet the purpose of each section.

How are Today and Wiki pages created?

Instructions are provided at the Today page and the Wiki page.

How are Knowledgebase pages created?

1. Make sure you're logged in and have editor privileges. (Contact communications@oasis-open.org if you need to request editor privileges)

2. Choose "create content" in the right margin, then select "book page".

3. Add a title for the page using sentence case capitalization.

4. Designate a path alias for the page. Note: "http://opendocument.xml.org/" will be automatically added, so just type in the characters you want to appear after that. Do not use underscores or camel case. If you use multiple words, separate them with a hyphen.

5. Select a parent page--most likely "Knowledge Base" or, if this is a sub-page, choose one of the existing Knowledge Base pages.

6. Don't worry about specifying a weight for the page, unless you're sure where you want it to appear in the KB. The EdBoard can discuss as a group how the KB pages should be ordered. It's much easier if all the pages are ordered at one time.

7. Likewise, don't worry adding the page to the site map in the footer. That's an "admin" function.

How do I use Drupal to create and manage an FAQ page?

Basically, you just create an FAQ book within the Knowledge Base.

Start by creating a book page that will be the FAQ table of contents. Give it an appropriate page title (FAQ on topic) and page alias, but leave the Body field blank. Select the KB as the Parent.

Create a new book page for each Q&A, with the question as the page title and the answer in the body text. Select the FAQ ToC page as the Parent.

Over time, you may identify other posts on the site (especially in blogs and forums) that you may want to include in the FAQ. When you do, simply select the entry, choose the "outline" tab, designate the FAQ ToC page as the Parent. The blog or forum post will automatically be added to the FAQ.

This process is explained at http://drupal.org/node/23701.