The OpenDocument web site is not longer accepting new posts. Information on this page is preserved for legacy purposes only. For current information on ODF, please see the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee.

Resources XML Project

The XML project contains the implementation of the OASIS OpenDocument file format and of the XML file format. The OASIS OpenDocument format is the native file format of 2.0, while XML is the native file format of 1.0. The XML project further contains the framework for the XML based filters.

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This wiki provides links to migration documents for the community.

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OASIS OpenDocument Essentials—Using OASIS OpenDocument XML

This book shows you how to take advantage of the OpenDocument format. In addition to explaining the basics, it includes examples showing how to extract information from, transform, and programmatically create OpenDocument files. This book is a work in progress written by J. David Eisenberg for O’Reilly & Associates and submitted to an open review process. The content is licensed under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Free Documentation License.

You may:

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OASIS ODF Adoption Committee

Members of this OASIS Committee collaborate to provide expertise and resources to educate the marketplace on the value of the OpenDocument OASIS Standard. By raising awareness of the benefits offered by OpenDocument, the Committee increases the demand for and availability of ODF-conforming products, resulting in a greater choice of tools and platforms and expanding the OpenDocument community of users, suppliers, and developers.

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OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee

The OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) Technical Committee maintains and advances the OpenDocument format specification. The group includes Subcommittees for Accessibility,  Formula, and Metadata and works closely with the OASIS ODF Adoption Committee. All interested parties are encouraged to participate in this work.

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