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Aspose.Words is available for testing during ODF Plugfest

Here is the website of the event

Thanks to the organizers of the workshop, Aspose was invited to participate in the workshop. Although we could not attend this event in person, we are making Aspose.Words available for testing by the event participants.

The Plugfest's testing environment (probably one of) is accessible here At the moment this testing framework is in Closed Beta and available only to the event participants and members of the OpenDoc Society, but you still can see Aspose.Words listed as one of the conversion/rendering engines available on the Officeshots homepage.

Officeshots allows to upload an ODF document and request it to be converted to PDF, Screenshot (render a page to an image) or to ODF (round-tripping) and select one or more engines that you want to do the job. Once the request is processed, you can download and view the results.

Aspose.Words "subscribes" and allows to do all possible conversions: ODT to ODT, ODT to PDF and ODT pages to PNG images. It will be interesting to see what event participants have to throw at Aspose.Words.

Here is a table that we added recently that details what OpenDocument features are supported by Aspose.Words

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