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Germany Joins Growing Ranks of Governments Adopting ODF

The Federal Government of Germany [has decided] to implement use of the OpenDocument Format (ODF). According to the plan, German federal agencies will be able to receive, read, send and edit ODF documents beginning no later than 2010. State Secretary Dr. Hans Bernhard Beus, federal government IT officer and chairman of the IT Council, described the decision regarding ODF as "a major step to increase competition among software vendors, promote IT security, and improve interoperability." The action comes on the heels of the 5 July 2007 request by the German Bundestag "to strengthen competitiveness, the use of open document standards and open document exchange formats should be promoted."

To date, 16 national and 8 provincial governments have now formally recommended or required the use of ODF by government agencies and with the public. 

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