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ODT2DAISY Enables Export of ODF Documents to DAISY Talking Book Format

On November 9, 2009, open source developer and accessibility expert, Vincent Spiewak announced the availability of ODT2DAISY for OpenOffice 3.0 and higher. With this software add-in, users of OpenOffice Writer may now author 'talking books' in DAISY format.

Odt2DAISY, designed for 3.0 or higher, enables the export of documents into digital talking books in the DAISY format. Odt2DAISY can be downloaded at

Odt2DAISY can be run on most platforms, including:

  • Windows (XP, Vista and Windows 7)
  • Mac OS X (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • Linux
  • Solaris(TM) and OpenSolaris(TM)

A screencast is available here:

A sample is available here:

The odt2daisy project is supported with the financial contribution of the European Commission in the context of the AEGIS project (Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards). Partners involved in ODF-related work in AEGIS include Sun Microsystems,Inc. and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

DAISY is the standard for Digital Talking Books, developed and maintained by the DAISY Consortium. Digital talking books are used by persons with a visual impairment, dyslexia or other impairments that hamper access to printed text. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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