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The Third Beta of KOffice 2.0 Arrives

Last night (November 19th) the KOffice team announced the third beta release of the upcoming KOffice 2.0 open source office suite for KDE (K Desktop Environment) users, and not only. This new beta introduces improvements in all its components, such as Karbon, Krita, KPlato, KChart, KPresenter, KSpread, KWord, the KOffice libraries, and plug-ins. It also repairs many of the issues related to the non-translatable strings, and improves the layout of many dockers.

KOffice 2.0 will include native support for the OASIS OpenDocument Format, also known as ODF, the ISO standard for office document interchange. Why? Because the OASIS OpenDocument Format is now the national standard for many countries from all over the world. The native support for ODF implemented in KOffice 2.0 guarantees interoperation with other office suites, such as and Microsoft Office.

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