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ODFDOM for Java: Simplifying programmatic control of documents and their data, Part 2

The second of a three-part series, this article provides details of the code structure of the Open Document Format (ODF) Document Object Model (DOM) for Java™. We introduce the layered architecture of the ODFDOM and the compositions and functions of each layer, including the relationship between the layers.

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ODFDOM for Java: Simplifying programmatic control of documents and their data, Part 1

The first of a (3) part series on the ODFDOM for Java, a project of the ODF Toolkit Union open source developer community.

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ODF Turns Five

This month marks the fifth anniversary of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) as an industry standard. On May 1, 2005, ODF (OpenDocument v1.0 specification) was approved as an OASIS Standard, marking the beginning of a campaign for document freedom that many people probably didn't expect would be so durable, or so significant. After all, who really cares about document formats, right?

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jOpenDocument 1.2 beta 3

We are pleased to announce the 1.2b3 version of our open document library, considered as the most advanced java library for document creation and manipulation.

jOpenDocument 1.2b3 is now available for download.

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Document Freedom Day Interview with Chris Moore, CIO, City of Edmonton

David LeDuc, newly minted Executive Director at the ODF Alliance interviews Chris Moore.

In his capacity as CIO of the City of Edmonton Mr. Moore's newly released Request for Proposals (RFP) is seeking submissions to provide “solution design and implementation of the next generation of the office, messaging, collaboration and document storage platforms.” The initiative is intended to include the implementation of “open document formats to provide inter-operability between alternate applications.”

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