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OpenDocument v1.1 Submitted for OASIS Standardization

The OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee had submitted OpenDocument v1.1 to be considered as an OASIS Standard. Balloting will take place 16-31 January 2007.

The OpenDocument v1.1 specification is a minor update to the OpenDocument v1.0 OASIS Standard. Compared to the OpenDocument v1.0 specification, the OpenDocument v1.1 specification contains a couple of accessibility-related enhancements, error corrections and clarifications, and very few other minor enhancements. OpenDocument v1.1 supersedes an existing OASIS Standard, OpenDocument v1.0. In addition to the prose specification text, three schemas defined by the OpenDocument v1.1 specification are also available separately:
  1. OpenDocument v1.1 Relax-NG Schema;
  2. OpenDocument v1.1 Manifest Relax-NG Schema;
  3. OpenDocument v1.1 Strict Relax-NG Schema.
Several OASIS member companies have provided certification that they are successfully using the specification (IBM, Novell, OpenDocument Foundation, Royal National Institute for the Blind, and Sun Microsystems).

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