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OOo Label Templates

Free Blank OpenDocument Format label templates for download  in .stw or .ott file format for 1.1x and 2.0 version for Writer. Over 50 size label templates including CD and DVD, Avery® cross reference, a large selection of both square cornered and round cornernered labels for mailing, shipping and many other labeling uses. Also available  are oval and round label templates, VHS, Diskette templates and more.

Templates will work with any Office Suite ODF compatible including Koffice and IBM Workspace. Setup time is quick and creating and printing labels from these templates is easy.  These templates are tabled based which will allow you to:

1) alignment to the top, middle, or bottom (you might want to align your labels all the top)
2) background formatting—you can apply a color to the background of each cell
3) easier cutting and pasting than with frames,
4) easier selection of all the content of a row, column, or the whole table,
5) easier copying and pasting; you can easily select the whole table and copy it onto the next page, to make multi-page sheets of labels.

For US letter sizes:

For Europe and Asia a4 sizes:

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