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OASIS Symposium to Feature Keynote by Bob Sutor

Open standards supporters from around the world are expected to gather in San Diego, California, 15-17 April 2007, for the fourth annual OASIS Symposium. Centered on the theme, "eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts, Fiction, and Future," sessions will examine SOA, identity management, Web services, business process, enterprise content, and information management. Presentations on OpenDocument, WS-BPEL, SAML, DITA, ebXML and other specifications will be featured.

"We're not living in the standards world of the 70s, 80s, or 90s, and customers know it. They're demanding real open standards and not those where 'open' was inserted by the marketing team," said Robert Sutor, Ph.D., vice president of standards and open source at IBM. In the Symposium's keynote address, Dr. Sutor will explore the current climate for standards, how we got here, and where current actions are leading us.

The OASIS Symposium will feature a Management Track of sessions on the latest technologies, applications, and services from a business perspective. A Technical Track, geared at providing IT professionals with the most up-to-date processes, tools and techniques for practical applications and implementations, will also be offered. The event is open to the public, and members as well as non-members of OASIS are invited to participate.

Burton Group vice president and research director, Anne Thomas Manes, will lead the closing panel, "Five Years of Web Services & SOA: You Are Here." Executives from BEA Systems, EDS, IBM, SAP, and Sun Microsystems will share and debate their perspectives on the successes and failures experienced  in SOA as well as the challenges and promises that remain.

"OASIS is on the verge of delivering a number of newly ratified standards that will propel Web services to a new level of capability," said Manes. "I'm looking forward to leading a lively discussion on the current state of Web services and SOA, and what we can expect for the future."

A table-top exhibition showcasing standards-compliant products from the event's Foundational Sponsors, BEA, EDS, IBM, SAP and Sun Microsystems, will be featured. Additional sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities are available.

OpenDocument Workshop

Hosted by the OASIS ODF Adoption Committee, this special workshop will focus on the 'implementability' of using applications that comply with the OpenDocument format OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300). Leaders from Europe and the US will discuss the latest advances in OpenDocument adoption, accessibility, and programmability.

WS-BPEL Workshop

The Web Services Business Process Execution Language (WS-BPEL) is central for defining SOA business processes. This workshop will clarify the business value that WS-BPEL offers, examine common scenarios in which the specification should be applied, and explore usage of advanced constructs.

Attendance at either half-day workshop is free with Symposium registration and also available separately.

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