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OpenOffice Taps Business Smarts

by Sean Michael Kerner,

The open source (OOo) office suite is about to get an injection of business intelligence thanks to a cooperative effort between Sun Microsystems and open source BI vendor Pentaho. The Pentaho reporting engine is set to be included with the upcoming OOo 2.3 release and will provide users with easy access to advanced business- intelligence reporting capabilities. With the BI integration, OOo -- and Sun's StarOffice on which OOo is based -- may well become an even more attractive option to business users, as it ratchets up the competition against Microsoft Office. "The new reporting solution will make and StarOffice, Sun's professional distribution of, even more attractive to professional users and thus help to grow the market share for both products," Erwin Tenhumberg, community development and marketing manager of the open source group at Sun Microsystems, told "This will increase the demand for Sun's and StarOffice support and services offerings, as well as for related technologies like thin-client technologies and alternatives to Microsoft Exchange (i.e. the Sun Java System Communication Suite)." What the new integration will do is allow a business user to basically create an OpenOffice Writer (word processing) document that embeds reporting/database content into a document. According to Sun's Tenhumberg, the deal with Pentaho came about because and StarOffice users asked for better reporting capabilities for the database component. Tenhumberg noted that Pentaho offered the right feature set, open source background, commitment and people to work with.

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