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Revision of ODF community logo from Thu, 2008-01-17 18:22

The OASIS ODF Adoption Committee is working on designing a logo to designate support for the OpenDocument Format. Several companies and organizations have offered versions of an ODF logo, each with its own strengths and supporters. Our goal is to gain concensus on a single, recognizable , freely available design that will demonstrate and build solidarity in the ODF community worldwide.


The ODF community logo is not intended to imply certification or any official compliance status. Everyone who supports ODF will be encouraged to download and use the logo (in adherence to our basic logo usage guidelines) without cost or restriction.


The logo should be:

  • distinctive and recognizable
  • owned by OASIS (not under the control of any single company)
  • freely available
  • used to designate support for ODF, not compliance or certification
  • indicative of ODF's status as the product of a truely open standards process



Draft designs

Several designs are under consideration at this time.





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