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Revision of OASIS solicits feedback on proposed UOML-X TC charter from Mon, 2008-02-25 19:36

OASIS members are in the process of reviewing and commenting on a draft charter to establish the OASIS Unstructured Operation Markup Language eXtended (UOML-X)) Technical Committee. The group plans to carry on the existing OASIS UOML TC's goal of developing and maintaining the XML-based operation interface standard for unstructured documents under the Royalty Free on RAND Mode of the OASIS IPR Policy. ODF developers and users may find UOML useful; however, UOML addresses a different set of functions. UOML operates on layout-based formatting information, rather than content-based formatting information (as ODF does). UOML will limit its functions to abstracting data from paper form and defines an operation interface, rather than a file storage format.

The comment period for the charter closes 10 March 2008.

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