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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300). Suitable for text, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, presentations, and databases, ODF frees documents from their applications-of-origin, enabling them to be exchanged, retrieved, and edited with any OpenDocument-compliant software or tool. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content. Conference

Lyon, France
11 Sep 2006 - 05:00 - 13 Sep 2006 - 14:00
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Comparing XML Office Document Formats: Using XML Metrics

by Rick Jelliffe, O'Reilly Articles

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Open Malaysia

This web site promotes ODF, open standards, open source, open ICT collaboration and open innovation in Malaysia.

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Call for Asia to Adopt ODF

by Aaron Tan, ZDNet Asia News

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OpenDocument Wins More Fans

by Graeme Wearden, ZDNet UK News

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