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EBook Standards and OpenDocuments

Tonight a close friend of mine drove my attention to the open ebook standard and the conference he recently attended to. This make it the issue on standards a very important part to create an opportunity for both and OpenDocument to have transformations for this open format.

 Documents and books are something that have similar needs, they need to be open formats, they need to be accesable and human readable. The ebook specs are provided on their site and also have an awesome way to process information.

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Svante Schubert

ODFDOM - the new opensourced multi-tiered API for the ISO OpenDocument Format

ODFDOM is the name of the upcoming free OpenDocument framework sponsored by Sun Microsystems Inc.

It will be the next evolutionary step after AODL and Odf4j. Designed together with their architects with the intent to provide an easy lightwork programming API for the ODF developer community. ODFDOM is meant to be portable to any object-oriented language.

The first pre-version of the Java 5 reference implementation of ODFDOM is planned to become available under LGPL3 in May 2008.

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