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Using DB2 pureXML and ODF Spreadsheets

From the September 2010 issue of IDUG Journal  (International DB2 Users Group), an article by Nagesh Subrahmanyam. 

The abstract is:

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ODF Workshop 2008 Conference

The OASIS ODF Adoption TC and the new OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC met informally at the 2008 conference in Beijing, on November 6, 2008 for an all day workshop.

Attached here are (3) of the presentations delivered during the workshop. 

1) Lost in Translation by Rob Weir, IBM

2) OpenFormula by Rob Weir, IBM

3) ODF/UOF Interoperability by Cheng Ling, Red Flag China 2000

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Would it make sense to port ODFViewer to VB?

Hi recently I had a conversation with a fellow developer and talk about ODF popularity. The debate centralized between the Open source agenda and the open standard agenda and where it cross.

The idea of empowering ODF across technologies and systems can sometimes be challenging to absorbed by open source people (including myself). 

So an interesting challenging was brought up. Why not have an ODF Viewer in microsoft technology. This means VB and ActiveX. This will be as tactical as having a ODF plugin for Microsoft office.

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Writing ODF with Qt

The next version of Qt - the cross platform framework most notably used by KDE - will ship with basic ODF write support. More info on the Trolltech Labs blog.

ODF community logo

Everyone is invited to use these OpenDocument Format logos to designate support for the standard. The logos are endorsed by the OASIS ODF Adoption Committee.








The dove logo is suitable for large signs, t-shirts, web sites, slide presentations, etc. An optional tagline, "Liberate Your Documents" may be added and translated into other languages as needed.



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