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Positioning, Benefits, Compatibility

positioning and size of document (not inside document)

It would be extremely useful to have parameters to save the positioning and size of an OpenDocument format document.

(4 parameters = position horizontal, position vertical, size horizontal, size vertical, preferably in reference to top left corner)

This would be a per-document parameter.

(Excuse me if it already exists, but I couldn't find such parameters in OpenDocument 1.1, nor in 3.0 or previous versions.) 

Advanced columns

Hi everyone,

Trying this list in the hope of an answer:

I need to reproduce some rather old books, keeping as much of the original style intact as possible.

This means that all pages should be in two columns - one wide column with the main text, and a small column in the margin with keywords for the text. The keywords need to follow the main text, ie. a paragraph of key text should be locked to a paragraph in the main column in order to always display on the same page and position.

Is this possible at all with the OpenDoc format?

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What format should I choose?

Welcome to the forums on!

This forum tries to help people who have taken a look at all the resources on this site, but still are not sure what format they should choose or what kind of interoperability and compatibility experiences they can expect. In addition, this forum is expected to be the place for all discussions around positioning, the ODF benefits, compatibility and interoperability.

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