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Creating ODF file through C++/C

Hi guys

I need to convert word file to odf format i could able to read word file .

i wanted to create ODf format for word file in c++ that will run in both linu/windows.



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PHP support

Not sure if this is the correct forrum, but here it goes.


A intranet site i developed for my company currently spits out excel files. however these files are unreadable by anything except excel. as we're mostly a mac shop, this is a bit of a problem. i'd love to support ods instead, but there is a complete lack of quality php class' that i can find on the web. 


am i missing something, or are there none?

Binding IE to view OpenDocuments

IE still have a large hold on the internet. Since ODF is about file formats and not OS. Having an IE webstart plugin that displays ODF in the browser might be a great idea to suppot the use of the standard.


So having an ActiveX plugin that will open ODFViewer within IE and be able to display ODF will be a great plus. Also having an easy to install system like the webstart technology to avoid lenghty installation process. 

libodf architecture

I am playing with the idea of creating a libodf library so programs in Linux can preprocess ODF and dump it on standard output.

 Extending this as an input preprocessor for system commands like less or future odf implementations.

 The libodf could be based on libxml2 and libzip to handle packaging. However there are common challenges on every odf implementation as to how to handle buffering and speed improvements.

 Also how to treat the namespaces, if we should just focus on active namespaces or the whole ODF collection. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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