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Handboek Oplossingen met ODF

Published in Dutch by the OpenDoc Society, this 180-page e-book provides an interesting read on ODF-products in general. It contains several chapters on ODF and accessibility tools, a business case checklist, and some hints on migrating to ODF. The book was sponsored by the Dutch Department of Economic Affairs. OpenDoc Society is currently seeking funding to translate the book into other languages.

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OASIS OpenDocument Essentials—Using OASIS OpenDocument XML

This book shows you how to take advantage of the OpenDocument format. In addition to explaining the basics, it includes examples showing how to extract information from, transform, and programmatically create OpenDocument files. This book is a work in progress written by J. David Eisenberg for O’Reilly & Associates and submitted to an open review process. The content is licensed under the Free Software Foundation’s GNU Free Documentation License.

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