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Case studies case studies maintains index pages for case studies and deployments.

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Banco do Brasil, a successful case on the migration

In 2005, Banco do Brasil began a process of migration to the open source software suite The migration commenced with the installation of the package “ 2.0”. As of February 2007, this suite is found installed in more than 71,000 workstations, distributed among the branches and corporate offices.

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Haarlam (Netherlands)

The city of Haarlem – capital of North Holland – has migrated 2000 desktops to OpenOffice (which supports the OpenDocument format). Jan van de Straat, Director of R&D for the city, found that OpenOffice did not lack any functionality that was used and needed by the city’s employees.

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Vienna (Austria)

A description of Vienna's migration was presented at Conference.
See also the project website (in German).

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Bristol City Council (UK)

UK's Bristol City Council is leading work on open source office software, drawing on their experiences evaluating StarOffice (based on OpenDocument). They have gathered a wide range of information to support their decision to adopt it and implement it across 5,500 desktop computers.

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