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Banco do Brasil, a successful case on the migration

In 2005, Banco do Brasil began a process of migration to the open source software suite The migration commenced with the installation of the package “ 2.0”. As of February 2007, this suite is found installed in more than 71,000 workstations, distributed among the branches and corporate offices.

During the migration project, many of the users’ needs were identified, which were the impetus behind the development of the software user manuals, such as “Direct Mail Guide – 2.0”, which was developed by the Project of Documentation of (Brazil).

The principal installations of the Open Source Software that are now occurring at Banco do Brasil are:

  • the installation of BrOffice/Linux in approximately 75,000 stations, and
  • the installation of GNU/Linux operating system in 5,500 servers (completed) and in approximately 50,000 workstation.

According to Vilson Carlos Pastro, Manager of the Open Source Center, "the implementation of the open source software solution has provided to the Banco do Brasil new functionalities, hardware beneficies utilization, costs reduction, and has rendered independency from software providers. The open source software solution is also aligned with the policies of the Federal Government, which has promoted the adoption of open source software by the public sector.

Font: Center of Open Source Software of Banco do Brasil (

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