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ODF-XSLT Project Announcement

Lone Wolves is happy to announce the ODF-XSLT project [1]. The ODF-XSLT Document Generator is a library written in PHP 5 that brings the full power of XSLT to your OpenDocument files. It enables you to use ODF files as if they were plain XSLT templates. It also includes a few extra parsing options that allow you to edit the XSLT parts of these ODF from within your favourite office suite. ODF-XSLT is developed by Tribal Internet Marketing [2] and is released by Lone Wolves as Free Software under the GNU General Public License, version 3.

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Wikimedia Foundation plans to add ODF support for Wikipedia

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced a partnership that will make it possible to obtain high quality print and word processor copies of articles from Wikipedia and other wiki educational resources.

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InfoWorld: OpenDocument Format made gains in '07

The Open Document Format saw a marked uptick in use last year across the globe, according to the ODF Alliance's 2007 report.

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Tea Vui Huang's All-Format Writer

This is a freeware Java J2ME-based application for the mobile / cellular phone. It allows you to create and send out short and simple documents on the mobile phone in various competing 'next-generation' electronic document formats. These include OpenDocument Format (ODT), Microsoft's Office Open XML (DOCX), China's national electronic document format Unified Office Format (UOF) and the popular Portable Document Format (PDF).

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Vietnam Government moves to OpenDocument

Weeks ago, the Ministry of Information and Communication recommended a list of open software solutions for use in State agencies and the education sector, comprising Open Office, Thunderbird, Firefox and Unikey.

In the same gesture, the Office of the Vietnam Communist Party has announced it has replaced Microsoft Office by Open Office, and by the end of 2008, all 20,000 desktops at Party organs throughout Vietnam will be installed with Open Office.

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