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3BView: 3BOpenDoc

3BOpenDoc ensures that interoperability is not a barrier to organizations when looking at adopting ODF. 3BOpenDoc allows users to seamlessly exchange OpenDocument Format (ODF) files with users of other document formats, by converting ODF files ‘on the fly’ as they are emailed or viewed/checked-out of a document or content management system. 3BOpenDoc can convert ODF to and from many file formats including Microsoft Office.

3BOpenDoc is a scalable server based product that sits alongside an email server or integrates with your business systems. 3BOpenDoc’s policy manager allows you to define a set of rules, based on the recipient or document type, that will automatically convert documents without user intervention.

In addition to format conversion, 3BOpenDoc can also remove hidden data from documents, , ensuring senstive or confidential information does not leak through metadata stored behind the visible content of an ODF file.

A single document may be used in a variety of formats. For example
HTML for the intranet or internet site
PDF with or without security
PDF/a and OpenDocument Format (ODF) for archiving purposes
For Businesses or Government Agencies who use an office suite that has ODF as it’s default file format they will also require:
Original format for the authors
MS-Office to send to other businesses

As well as providing for the removal of metadata from documents, 3BClean also provides the capability to transform documents between different formats including MS Office, ODF, HTML and PDF be this individually or on the fly as documents are emailed.

Conversion of sets of documents is provided for by the bulk conversion and metadata removal utility 3BClean Legacy

PDF offers much better security than distributing MS Office documents, although it is by no means fool proof, as was illustrated by the recent high profile incident involving Google and e-Bay. In addition to scrubbing metadata from PDF files, security can be further enhanced by applying passwords and watermarking. Find out more about PDF security and watermarking.

3BClean can follow your business rules to decide what format and security to provide and perform the transformation on demand.

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