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XForms and OpenDocument in

This is an excellent technical tutorial revealing the complementary relationship of two open standards: OpenDocument Format (ISO 26300) and W3C's XForms.  The tutorial presents the basic concepts of XForms, illustrating how to create form controls whose data is bound to parts of an XML data instance, and how to save that data in a local file or send it to a server. The idea of having a document with user-modifiable fields is not a new one, but OpenDocument’s use of the World Wide Web Consortium’s XForms recommendation is especially noteworthy, because the data that is stored with the document is in XML format, not in some proprietary format
dependent upon a single vendor’s tools.
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Excellent job!

This example will be better if you provide us with a .odt

Is there a xsltproc for windows too?

Sorry if this is too much, but I'm new to OO and xForms

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