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OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nations

The OpenDocument Fellowship has just updated its page that tracks government decision to adopt OpenDocument Format. Decisions to adopt OpenDocument have been announced or are pending in at least 40 nations around the globe. The page notes that the pace of ODF adoption has accelerated to an extent that comprehensive tracking of such decisions is no longer feasible.


The company I operate runs a number of different computer programs as well as high quality printing jobs. It is important for me to stay on top of all the latest tech news in order to keep all of my equipment and software as maintained and up to date as possible. As of January of this year, at least sixteen governments around the world are now requiring using the Open Source Document format. The governments that have reportedly joined the club include South Africa, Brazil, France, Japan, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Venezuela, Uruguay, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Croatia and the Netherlands.

this is a good news. if i right open document based on OOXML? so it's a great step forward for open software too.

Alexei A. Korolev

Aha ,there is no doubt that Microsoft would feel a sense of threat. Formed in September, Open Document Fellowship has attracted support and interest from around the globe. Many people joined them. Now they had gathered worldwide support.

burt, D.S. Studio

Marbux, OpenDocument adopted in 40 nations, but why Russia not in the list ?

Janet Kellman, software reviews

Great news, this is a major improvement. OpenDocument has all the features required for full accessibility support, and distributed for non-Linux platforms, such as Microsoft Windows and OS X, I think there will more and more application support this. It is reaaly great news. Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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