The OpenDocument web site is not longer accepting new posts. Information on this page is preserved for legacy purposes only. For current information on ODF, please see the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee.

Welcome to OpenDocument

This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300). Suitable for text, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, presentations, and databases, ODF frees documents from their applications-of-origin, enabling them to be exchanged, retrieved, and edited with any OpenDocument-compliant software or tool. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.

Free Office Suites, Mac and the Enterprise

Mac fans will soon have access to Mac-native versions of and StarOffice, two free alternatives to Microsoft Office. Both are based on the same code base, though StarOffice isn't licensed as open source. Sun's Louis Suarez-Potts explained the key differences to TMO and what the customer should know before selecting one or the other.

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Writing ODF with Qt

The next version of Qt - the cross platform framework most notably used by KDE - will ship with basic ODF write support. More info on the Trolltech Labs blog.

“Accessible City Expo: Community Resources & Employment Fair

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Interoperability Study for ODF and OOXML


I recently finished a study on interoperability for ODF (and OOXML).  Not surprisingly, we found problems with interoperability for various implementations. More details and the full study is available at:

I would appreciate any feedback.



jOpenDocument : a free Java library for ODF files manipulation, 1.1 beta released

We are pleased to announce the last beta version of the next version of our open document library.

jOpenDocument 1.1 beta 3 is available for download. It includes a new API for metadata manipulation, full support of measure units, row duplication improvements, XML validator and various API improvements.

jOpenDocument is the most advanced java library for document creation and manipulation.

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