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Products provides a central location for providers to describe available tools that support OpenDocument. Users are invited to share experiences using the "add new comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

This directory is provided as a community resource and is not the result of any certification program or compliance testing. Authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of their entries. OASIS encourages readers to evaluate this information independently.

ezComponents Document

ezComponents is a general purpose PHP components library. Starting with v2009.2, ezComponents Document supports reading, converting and writing ODF text files (.odt)

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Drupal ODF Import

This Drupal module allows one to import ODF files into the popular WebCMS. Currently only the content of ODF text documents (.odt) is imported, future releases will support other ODF types as well as importing styles.

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ODF Translation Converter

Tools for converting ODF to PO and XLIFF Translation files, the project is supported by NLNet Foundation and Itaapy.

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A lighweight python script to anonymize ODF files, it removes pictures, meta.xml and replaces digits and text.

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odsPhpGenerator is a library writen in PHP 5.0 for generating ODF Spreadsheets (.ods)


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