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Products provides a central location for providers to describe available tools that support OpenDocument. Users are invited to share experiences using the "add new comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

This directory is provided as a community resource and is not the result of any certification program or compliance testing. Authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of their entries. OASIS encourages readers to evaluate this information independently.


Odfpy aims to be a complete API for OpenDocument in Python, essentially an abstraction layer just above the XML format. The main focus is to prevent the programmer from creating invalid documents.

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Dokuwiki ODT plugin

Dokuwiki is an open source Wiki written in PHP. A free ODT plug-in is available, allowing users to export a wiki page to OpenDocument Text.

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Xapian is an open source search engine library written in C++ with bindings for C#, Java, PHP and Ruby. It supports the most commonly used document formats, including of course ODF.

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Apache Tika

Apache Tika - a subproject of Apache Lucene - is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries. 
Support for ODF was added in Tika 0.3.

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OpenXML/ODF translator

Add-ins for Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing users to open and save ODF files from within MS-Office XP/2003/2007

A command line translator utilities for batch conversions is available as well.

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