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ODF testimonials

This page tracks endorsements of OpenDocument from organizations around the globe.

Ars Aperta

"OpenDocument Format is the result of an industrywide effort to break the entanglement of data created by closed and non standard office file formats. By doing so, the OpenDocument Format is opening new opportunities in the fields of document management, data extraction, digital document archival, while ultimately setting the path for substituable information systems and applications that keep the users' documents and data under their control. One of the most immediate outcome of this is the interest of the governmental sector for ODF.
-Charles-H.Schulz, Partner

Escola Superior de Educação João de Deus - Lisboa, Portugal

"The students on ESE João de Deus (ESEJD) are using on free access computers Openoffice 2.1 in Portuguese standard language for doing school work and planning their activities. During the scholar year students are provided with a CD_rom full of open sorce and free sofware as well as weblinks for educational tools and tutorials and more than 8 000 free clipart. Among this software they can find Openoffice suite, The Gimp image editor, G-Compris educational package, Clamwin anti-virus, Scribus desktop publishing, NVu Html editor, etc...
-Jaime Santos - ESEJD ICT Educational manager


"To me, that document formats for "office" applications should be completely open, not hindered by patents, and not owned by a single vendor is just obvious. I wasn't brought up to think otherwise, and so this whole business around why everyone should be rushing to implement the new OASIS OpenDocument format standard is a big "duh" (that is, slap-yourself-in-the-head-obvious)."
-Robert S Sutor, Vice President Standards and Open Source


"OpenDocument OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300) is a shining example of what partnership in standardization can achieve for the business community. Its publication underscores the importance of partnership among ISO and IEC and standards developing organizations such as OASIS to craft a common set of standards, and reflects the international community's recognition of the importance of open formats in enabling business interoperability."
-Alan Bryden, Secretary-General

National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science

“OpenDocument is no longer a thing to be feared, as we once thought. The OASIS process exemplifies what should be done if true accessibility to both a document format and the tools to manipulate it are to be achieved.”
-Curtis Chong, President

New York State

"If all that proprietary vendors are waiting for before they directly support ODF is a 'broad-based customer request,' then they should be aware that such a demand already exists in New York state."
-New York State CIO/OFT agency


“Nokia is pleased to see the further evolution of OpenDocument to support accessibility, providing a schema that can satisfy the needs of both public and private organizations. Nokia is a strong supporter of open standards and sees the standardization of OpenDocument 1.1 as an important milestone in establishing a truly open and useful standard for document formats.”
-Frederick Hirsch, Senior Architect


"ODF is the default file format for users of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the Novell Edition of OpenOffice, and we are a strong supporter of ODF. ODF has unique vendor and community support and Novell encourages its customers to use ODF. We are proud to participate in the development and evangelism of ODF."
-Nat Friedman, Vice President and CTO, Linux and Open Source


"OpenDocument is a fine example of an OASIS Standard that originated in and continues to be endorsed by the open source community. The work of was submitted to OASIS in 2002 by Sun Microsystems with the approval of the community for advancement under royalty-free terms, so that it would be freely available to developers and users of any office software application.
-Patrick Gannon, president and CEO

Red Hat

“OpenDocument is very important to allow people to collaborate in an increasingly heterogeneous and global environment.”
-Dr. Mark Little, Director of Standards


"XML doesn't always mean open. You can hide a lot in a file format. OpenDocument represents an opportunity to ensure truly open file formats for productivity applications, which is why it will receive the enthusiastic support of public sector steering organizations on a global basis. The participation of enterprises in vertical industries, such as aerospace, will also ensure adoption in the private sector. One key to success will be the royalty free status of the spec; there are no financial penalties associated with developing to it."
-James Governor, principal analyst

Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB)

“OpenDocument 1.1 is a practical XML format that is readily transformable to the DAISY digital talking book standard for people with print impairments. The clear specification of OpenDocument will remain usable long after commercial and proprietary formats have been condemned to the dustbin.”
-Dave Pawson

Sun Microsystems

"Sun is proud to have contributed and worked on OpenDocument 1.1, which was developed in record time and we expect will be adopted also in record time. This shows what happens when whole communities of interest -- in this case commercial enterprises, open source communities and accessibility ones -- collaborate and share their vision towards reaching a common goal."
-Crawford Beveridge, Executive Vice President and Chairman, EMEA, APAC and the Americas


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