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Deployments: Private sector


Companies around the world are deploying OpenDocument. If you are aware of additional support in the commercial sector, please add to this page (log in and select the "edit" tab above).


  • ASIGEST, a Romanian insurance company.
  • Kervan Gida, Turkey with 80+ desktops

  • LIC, India. (life insurance provider) Approximately 60,000 users and five to six thousand servers will migrate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • LVM Insurance in Munster, Germany: 7,700 Red Hat Linux desktops
  • Marisol S.A. - Jaraguá do Sul - Santa Catarina - Brazil
  • NAFECO INC. NAFECO (North America Fire Equipment Company), a US based corporation, has switched its users to OOo. Approx. 125 desktops/notebooks

  • Novell with 5,000 users (most of them on Novell Linux Desktop),  The Novell Migration to Linux

  • PROFI Rom Food, a Romanian food producer and retailer (store chain), with headquarters in Timișoara.
  • Resolvo Systems Pte Ltd: Asia's open source solutions provider based in Singapore has been using OpenOffice company-wide since OO version 1.0. Assisted Singapore Ministry of Defence to migrate to OpenOffice.
  • Total Cont- Sibiu, Romania, a finance and bookkeeping company.
  • ZANDO COMPUTER, an IT consulting company located in Bucharest, Romania, actively recommends and deploys and other OpenDocument format solutions to its clients. Zando Computer is also a member of ASRO/CT210, the Romanian standardization body on document formats Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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