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Interoperability Testing and Resources?

I am interested in any resources regarding the testing of interoperability of either ODF or OOXML.  The only resource I am aware of is the partially completed test suite for ODF.  Is there anything else available?  Has anyone seen any studies or research regarding interoperability testing for document formats? 

Thank you 


Now that Microsoft is supporting ODF 1.1 in Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 (scheduled for sometime in the first-half of 2009), there is also more concern for interoperability testing among ODF implementations (and perhaps converters that produce or accept ODF).

In any case, the OASIS OIC TC is interested in interoperability among ODF implementations and learning where tests and guidance are called for.

One task is to review the current state of affairs, especially finding out what interoperability problems are bothering users the most, so those can be addressed first. 

 Have you gained any insight into that beyond what is in your current report draft?  What sources should we be consulting?  (I know we can rely on Jesper Lund Stocholm.  I must ping him about this.)

I am in the process of testing round tripping of documents.  Hopefully, by the end of January I will have a draft available with insights.

I really don't know of any other sources (but would be eager to find out about more). 


Hi Rajiv,

It sounds like you've already found the test suite work that the Open Document Fellowship hosts?

With ODF 1.2 we're working on a test suite for spreadsheet formulas as well, something that can be loaded and executed in an ODF-enabled spreadsheet application to verify that the formulas are calcualted correctly. That is an approach that lends itself well to a spreadsheet, where there is a single right answer, but doesn't as easily generalize to word procesors or presentations.

You might also find it interesting to read over a presentation I gave at the last conference on ODF interoperability: You can get the slides here. It outlines my thoughts on the subject.

We've been working on interop plans in the ODF Adoption TC and we have some initiatives in the words which you'll hear more about soon.

Let me know if you are interested in getting involved in this area. With these new initiatives, there are certainly opportunities for meaningful participation.


-Rob (Co-Chair, ODF TC, Member ODF Adoption TC)



Are you interested in interoperability-tests that test the formats and how they map together or are you interested on how the formats work in environments where both formats are present?

The German institute DIN (German national standardization body) and Frauenhofer-institute have made som technical mapping/translating tests. It you are interested, I'll try to find the reference for you.


The Danish Government has made som real-world interop-tests that examined how ODF and OOXML worked out together, but these tests (that I participated in as a technical resource) looked not at the formats themselves but mostly how different applications handled conversion between the formats. Sadly the reports and technical documentation are only available in Danish.

At this point, I am just trying to understand how much testing has been done around these standards and implementations.  I would appreciate any references to the actual source documents as well as contacts.  I will be happy to post english abstracts/executive summaries of these tests if they are not available and I able to get them translated.

Hi Rajiv,


Thanks for your email - I just want to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you. I have contacted the Danish National IT- and Telecom Agency, and they are looking into the material they have to see if they have already translated some of it. I know they did a presentation of it at EU-level in some CEN-commitee. I have also contacted a colleague that worked with Frauenhofer/DIN and requested either some material by email or links to their data on a website.


After the lab-tests were done by the Danish Government, I wrote a couple of articles about the conclusions in the tests. You should be aware that these articles are my personal articles and not official statements. The articles were circulated between the tech-guys participating in the tests for review (in case I made a mistake or concluded something insane), but even though they were "approved" the coclusions are mine and can not be used to conclude something about the other participants and their companies.


Pheww ... now - the articles I wrote can be seen at



Vector graphics interop:

I'll get back to you when I have more for you.


I appreciate your efforts in tracking down these tests.  I think they will be very useful for the larger ODF community.


I have had to give up on getting some information from my contacts associated with Frauenhofer/DIN in Germany - maybe they are too busy :o)

There has been quite som debate going on recently in the blogsphere, most notably on the blogs of Brian Jones and Rob Weir

I finally received the presentation the Danish National IT- and Telecom Association made in a IADBC-meeting. It is not yet available on the official webpage, but if you want it please let me know.

I appreciate your work, could you please send me the Danish presentation.

Thank you


Hi Rajiv,


Finally ... finally the Danish National IT- and Telecommunication Association got busy. They have made their presentation available on .

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