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Standards divide European archives

By Kevin J. O'Brien, International Herald Tribune

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Tabletop Opportunity at OpenDocument Workshop, 18 April

OASIS OpenDocument Workshop Showcase - Held in conjunction with Symposium 2007
Wednesday, 18 April
San Diego, California
Tabletop Hours: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Showcase your support for OpenDocument by participating in the table-top
displays at the upcoming OASIS OpenDocument Workshop. This half-day event
offers a low-cost opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience of users
and influencers from both the public and private sectors -

Read more Releases New Version of Free Software Alternative to Microsoft Office - Shareware Bea

The Community announced the release of 2.2, the latest version of the leading open-source office suite. 2.2 is the project's first release in 2007, and reflects the community's commitment to offering enhancements and new features on a regular basis. 2.2 also protects users from newly discovered vulnerabilities, where users' PCs could be open to attack if they opened documents from, or accessed web sites set up by, malicious individuals.

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A New Dawn Rising For Open Documents?

by Jacqueline Emigh, LinuxPlanet

With the filing of a new bill in Oregon, five US states have now taken legislative action around adopting open documents. Still, government agencies in the US lag way behind those in Europe in moving beyond Windows lock-in. In one big bright note, though, the ODF (OpenDocuments Format) Alliance--a one-year-old organization backed by Microsoft rivals such as IBM and Sun--seems to be spurring a lot of positive change.

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OpenDocument Format Legislation: Testimony to the Texas House and Senate

by Bob Sutor, Open Blog

This is the text for the testimony I delivered to both the Texas House and Senate this last Monday, March 24, 2007... "Good afternoon/evening, Mr. Chairman and members of the Committee. IBM supports this bill. This bill is about the future, increased competition and innovation, and about more choice for Texas. It is completely consistent with the technological and intellectual property directions of the software industry.

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