The OpenDocument web site is not longer accepting new posts. Information on this page is preserved for legacy purposes only. For current information on ODF, please see the OASIS OpenDocument Technical Committee.

Welcome to OpenDocument

This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300). Suitable for text, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, presentations, and databases, ODF frees documents from their applications-of-origin, enabling them to be exchanged, retrieved, and edited with any OpenDocument-compliant software or tool. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.


A collection of links to information on OpenDocument.

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OASIS Symposium 2007 - eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts, Fiction and Future

Marriot Mission Valley, San Diego, California, USA
15 Apr 2007 - 04:30 - 20 Apr 2007 - 13:00
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Members Approve OpenDocument Version 1.1 as OASIS Standard

Consortium Enhances Accessibility Features of Open Format for Office Applications

OASIS members have approved version 1.1 of OpenDocument as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies the highest level of ratification. The result of a unique collaboration between advocacy groups for the disabled and open source and commercial software vendors, this new version of the standard provides key accessibility enhancements to ensure that the OpenDocument format (ODF) addresses the needs of people with disabilities.

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OpenDocument and the office experience: What's inside?

by Dmitri Popov, Linux Magazine

This cover story provides an introduction to OpenDocument and the applications that support the format. It discusses ODF compatibility, exploring how well word processors like AbiWord, Kword, and Writely handle an ODT document created in OpenOffice. The article also demonstrates an ODF add-in for opening an ODF file in Microsoft Word.


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Linux Magazine features cover story on OpenDocument

The February 2007 issue of Linux Magazine features a cover story by Dmitri Popov, "OpenDocument and the office experience: WHAT’S INSIDE?"

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