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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the OpenDocument Format (ODF) OASIS Standard (ISO/IEC 26300). Suitable for text, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, presentations, and databases, ODF frees documents from their applications-of-origin, enabling them to be exchanged, retrieved, and edited with any OpenDocument-compliant software or tool. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.

Mandatory Open Standards in Denmark

by John Goetze

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Usage Schemas to Tame ODF and OpenXML Down-Conversions

by Rick Jelliffe, O'Reilly Articles

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OASIS Symposium to Feature Keynote by Bob Sutor

Open standards supporters from around the world are expected to gather in San Diego, California, 15-17 April 2007, for the fourth annual OASIS Symposium. Centered on the theme, "eBusiness and Open Standards: Understanding the Facts, Fiction, and Future," sessions will examine SOA, identity management, Web services, business process, enterprise content, and information management. Presentations on OpenDocument, WS-BPEL, SAML, DITA, ebXML and other specifications will be featured.

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Dell responds to demands for desktop Linux

Dell Inc has announced that it is the process of certifying Novell Inc's Linux desktop operating system for use on its corporate desktop and laptop products following an overwhelming demand for Linux on its IdeaStorm site. ...
Pre-installed Linux topped the list by a considerable margin, with roughly 85,000 votes, or promotions, at the time of writing, followed by pre-installed (55,000)....

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Barcelona, Spain
27 Feb 2007 - 12:41
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