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Thu, 23 August 2007
(diff) (hist)13:43Eventupdated April User Group:: ODF what's in it for you?
author: erwintenhumberg
(diff) (hist)13:43Eventupdated Conference (OOoCon 2007)
author: dpharbison
(diff) (hist)13:43Eventupdated ODF Camp at OOoCon 2007
author: deeschur
Wed, 22 August 2007
(comment)17:20Blog entrycomment The case for a valid contradiction of Microsoft Office Open XML
on The case for a valid contradiction of Microsoft Office Open XML at ISO has not been rebutted from Marbux
Wed, 15 August 2007
(diff) (hist)04:36Newsupdated "Malaysia formally embraces Open Document Format"hasan
Mon, 13 August 2007
(comment)14:52Newscomment big step forward
on OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nations from Marbux
Fri, 10 August 2007
(diff) (hist)21:48Newsupdated OOXML Approval Vote Fails in INCITScarolgeyer
Wed, 8 August 2007
(diff) (hist)12:13Newsupdated Little progress in states' ODF considerationscarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)12:13Newsupdated ODF Camp at OOoCon 2007deeschur
Mon, 30 July 2007
(comment)12:46Newscomment Not the good Sourceforge project
on eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Sun ODF Plugin for Office from carolgeyer
Sun, 29 July 2007
(diff) (hist)17:33Newsupdated eWEEK Labs Walk-Through: Sun ODF Plugin for Officecarolgeyer
Fri, 27 July 2007
(comment)02:31Newscomment Aha ,there is no doubt that
on OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nations from Marbux
Wed, 18 July 2007
(diff) (hist)14:11Newsupdated Open progresscarolgeyer
Tue, 10 July 2007
(diff) (hist)12:07Newsnew Mobile Office for Motorola Z8 and Sony Ericsson P1lkz633
Mon, 9 July 2007
(diff) (hist)14:41Newsupdated Squaring Offcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)14:38Newsupdated Denmark to test Open XML, ODF next yearcarolgeyer
Sun, 8 July 2007
(comment)10:04Newscomment Approving OpenDocument
on Members Approve OpenDocument Version 1.1 as OASIS Standard from carolgeyer
Janet Kellman
(comment)10:02Newscomment Russia
on OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nations from Marbux
Janet Kellman
Tue, 26 June 2007
(diff) (hist)16:28Resourceupdated case studiescarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)16:07Book pageupdated Other wiki pagescarolgeyer
Fri, 15 June 2007
(diff) (hist)09:28Blog entrynew How to make serious lord of the rings online guides/lotro guidesAnonymous
Tue, 12 June 2007
(diff) (hist)13:11Newsupdated OpenOffice worm Badbunny hops across operating systemscarolgeyer
Mon, 11 June 2007
(diff) (hist)12:25Newsupdated IBM undeterred by setbacks to ODF adoptioncarolgeyer
Fri, 8 June 2007
(diff) (hist)13:36Newsupdated New York Becomes Latest State to Ponder ODFcarolgeyer
Thu, 7 June 2007
(diff) (hist)06:21Blog entryupdated Something about Runescape Anonymous
Fri, 25 May 2007
(diff) (hist)13:31Newsupdated Sun and Redflag Collaborate on Chinese Localization of OpenOffice.orgcarolgeyer
Fri, 18 May 2007
(diff) (hist)16:31Newsupdated Microsoft Wants ODF Added to ANSI Standardscarolgeyer
Mon, 14 May 2007
(diff) (hist)20:33Resourceupdated Presentations from ODF Workshop at the 2007 OASIS Symposiumrcweir
(diff) (hist)13:11Newsupdated Norwegian Standards Council Recommends Mandatory use of ODF and PDFcarolgeyer
Mon, 7 May 2007
(comment)17:18Newscomment More Upcoming Mobile Applications
on Mobile Office for Symbian devices released from lkz633
Sat, 5 May 2007
(comment)13:03Newscomment Great news
on OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nations from Marbux
Mon, 23 April 2007
(diff) (hist)14:25Newsupdated OpenOffice Taps Business Smartscarolgeyer
Tue, 17 April 2007
(diff) (hist)18:32Newsupdated Sun's McNealy Calls for Merger of ODF and China's UOFcarolgeyer
Wed, 11 April 2007
(diff) (hist)13:40Newsupdated OASIS Creates Discussion List for Document Standards Interoperability TCcarolgeyer
Tue, 10 April 2007
(diff) (hist)12:51Newsupdated Malaysia suspends ODF approval process: Sirim BHD's head wants end to feuding between ODF, Open XML advocatescarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)12:46Newsupdated Standards divide European archivescarolgeyer
Thu, 5 April 2007
(diff) (hist)19:42Newsnew Tabletop Opportunity at OpenDocument Workshop, 18 AprilTBosse
(diff) (hist)19:26Newsupdated Releases New Version of Free Software Alternative to Microsoft Office - Shareware Beacarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)19:17Newsupdated A New Dawn Rising For Open Documents?carolgeyer
Tue, 3 April 2007
(diff) (hist)13:06Newsupdated OpenDocument Format Legislation: Testimony to the Texas House and Senatecarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)13:02Newsupdated Publishing Writer Documents on the Webcarolgeyer
Thu, 29 March 2007
(diff) (hist)12:37Newsupdated Oregon Eyeing Open Formatscarolgeyer
Wed, 28 March 2007
(diff) (hist)13:56Newsupdated And Oregon Makes Five for ODF - With a Twistcarolgeyer
Thu, 22 March 2007
(diff) (hist)11:56Resourceupdated Upgrade monograph on OpenDocumentcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)11:55Newsupdated Upgrade publishes monograph on OpenDocumentcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)06:24Newsnew OpenDocument adopted or decisions pending in 40 nationsMarbux
Mon, 19 March 2007
(diff) (hist)19:46Newsupdated Q&A: Calif. CIO Steers Clear of Ideology on File Formatscarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)18:51Newsupdated New Xandros Linux Server to Provide Enterprise-Grade O3Spaces OpenDocument Collaborationcarolgeyer
(diff) (hist)15:12Newsupdated Mandatory Open Standards in Denmarkcarolgeyer
Wed, 14 March 2007
(diff) (hist)14:19Book pageupdated Deployments: Educationcarolgeyer Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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