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Podcast: ODF Metadata

Listen to Rob Weir's interview with Patrick Durusau, chair of the OASIS OpenDocument Metadata Subcommittee. They discuss ODF 1.2 metadata as well as a number of other ODF-related topics.

The podcast is not streaming audio; depending on how fast your connection is, you may need to download and save locally before listening to it.

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Presentations from ODF Workshop at the 2007 OASIS Symposium

Attached are the presentations from the April 18th ODF Workshop held at the 2007 OASIS Symposium in San Diego.

Presentations include:

  1. Michael Brauer on ODF Past, Present and Future
  2. Peter Brunet on ODF Accesibility
  3. Rob Weir on ODF Programmability
  4. Michael Brauer on the ODF Toolkit Project
  5. Alan Clark's Discussion on Interoperability
  6. Rob Weir's ODF Interoperability - The Price of Success

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Proposal for an OpenDocument Developers Kit (ODDK)

The attached essay describes functionality which I believe would greatly enhance the ability of application developers to become productive with ODF.  It is somethig I call an Open Document Developers Kit (ODDF).  I welcome your comments on this essay in the  programming discussion forums.


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Roadmap for Open ICT Ecosystems

This ROADMAP – and the best practices and recommendations it provides – represents

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Sample Documents

Development of a comprehensive set of OpenDocument sample documents is underway at the Networking and Mobile Computing Laboratory at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the University of Central Florida. Yi Luo and Majid A. Khan are working on the project under the supervision of Dr. Lotzi Boloni. Funding was provided by Intel.

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A collection of links to information on OpenDocument.

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Tech brief: OpenDocument Format

This article by Erwin Tenhumberg of Sun Microsystems provides a brief introduction to OpenDocument, its history, benefits of use, and available tools.

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The adoption of, and migration to, OpenDocument in the public sector

Erwin Tenhumberg, OASIS Adoption Forum, London, 18 October 2005

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The ODF Podcast 001: Svante Schubert on ODF, RDF and ODFDOM


Last month OASIS ODF Adoption TC member Rob Weir sat down with Svante Schubert at the Plugfest in Granada to discuss a range of topics, including ODF 1.2's RDF-based metadata and Svante's work on ODFDOM.  You can listen to this interview in our first episode of the ODF Podcast.

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The ODF Podcast 002: Jos van den Oever and Inge Wallin

On September 3rd OASIS ODF Adoption TC member Rob Weir sat down with KDE community members Jos van den Oever (left) and Inge Wallin (right), in Budapes, at the Conference.

They discussed a range of topics, including the design philosphy of KOffice, its use of ODF 1.2's new RDF metadata capabilities and the Nepomuk social semantic desktop project.

You can listen to this interview in our second episode of the ODF Podcast. 

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