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The ODF Podcast 003: The Co-Chairs of the ODF TC

Don Harbison, Chair of the ODF Adopton TC interviews Michael Brauer and Rob Weir Co-Chairs of the Open Document Format TC. Topics include a brief history of ODF, an overview of the Technical Committee, highlights of the new ODF 1.2 specification, interoperability and tooling.

You can listen to the interview here.

Additional resources may be found here:

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The ODF Podcast 004: David A. Wheeler on OpenFormula

Rob Weir, Chair of the ODF TC, interviews David. A. Wheeler, Chair of the ODF TC's Formula Subcomittee, and architect of OpenFormula, the new spreadsheet formula language in ODF 1.2

You can listen to the interview here.

(Note, we had some technical difficulties in recording this interview, due to a software malfunction. We appologize for this.  However, the interview has considerable documentary value, so we're making it available despite the audio glitch.)

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The OpenDocument Fellowship

The OpenDocument Fellowship is a volunteer organisation with members around the world. Its goal is to promote the use and development of the OpenDocument format. The Fellowship believes that open standards can create a level playing field where all software products can compete fairly. It supports the work of community volunteers in promoting, improving and providing user assistance for the OpenDocument OASIS Standard and software designed to operate on data in this format.

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Tutorial: Expand the editing capabilities of OpenOffice with XSLT

This IBM Developerworks tutorial from Jonathan Levin, shows you how to use OpenOffice's import/export filters
to open your XML data as though it's just a plain document. From there,
users can edit the document much more naturally and then save it back
to its native format. You can also use this feature to easily turn your
documents into XML data.

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Upgrade monograph on OpenDocument

This monograph was written for those involved in OpenDocument format development, support and promotion and, more generally, for those interested in Open Standards and the Open Source movement, IT professionals and even non-specialised readers. The article was guest edited by Jesús Tramullas-Saz, Piedad Garrido-Picazo and Marco Fioretti.

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Usage of the OpenDocument interfaces in Writer

Florian Reuter, Conference 2005

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Usage Schemas to Tame ODF and OpenXML Down-Conversions

by Rick Jelliffe, O'Reilly Articles

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Using DB2 pureXML and ODF Spreadsheets

From the September 2010 issue of IDUG Journal  (International DB2 Users Group), an article by Nagesh Subrahmanyam. 

The abstract is:

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Vienna (Austria)

A description of Vienna's migration was presented at Conference.
See also the project website (in German).

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Why ODF? - The Importance of OpenDocument Format for Governments

This ODF Alliance white paper describes how documents are the life blood of modern governments and their citizens. Governments use documents to capture knowledge, store critical information, coordinate activities, measure results, and communicate across departments and with businesses and citizens. Increasingly documents are moving from paper to electronic form. To adapt to ever-changing technology and business processes, governments need assurance that they can access, retrieve and use critical records, now and in the future.

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