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ODF Workshop 2008 Conference

The OASIS ODF Adoption TC and the new OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC met informally at the 2008 conference in Beijing, on November 6, 2008 for an all day workshop.

Attached here are (3) of the presentations delivered during the workshop. 

1) Lost in Translation by Rob Weir, IBM

2) OpenFormula by Rob Weir, IBM

3) ODF/UOF Interoperability by Cheng Ling, Red Flag China 2000

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Open by Design - The Advantages of the OpenDocument Format (ODF)

The introductory white paper "Open by Design - The Advantages of the OpenDocument Format (ODF)" has been published by the OASIS OpenDocument Format Adoption TC. The document can be found here.

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Open Malaysia

This web site promotes ODF, open standards, open source, open ICT collaboration and open innovation in Malaysia.

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OpenDocument and the office experience: What's inside?

by Dmitri Popov, Linux Magazine

This cover story provides an introduction to OpenDocument and the applications that support the format. It discusses ODF compatibility, exploring how well word processors like AbiWord, Kword, and Writely handle an ODT document created in OpenOffice. The article also demonstrates an ODF add-in for opening an ODF file in Microsoft Word.


Read more case studies maintains index pages for case studies and deployments.

Read more Migration Documents

This wiki provides links to migration documents for the community.

Read more XML Project

The XML project contains the implementation of the OASIS OpenDocument file format and of the XML file format. The OASIS OpenDocument format is the native file format of 2.0, while XML is the native file format of 1.0. The XML project further contains the framework for the XML based filters.

Read more XML project mail list is a mailing list used by developers and users of's XML file format.

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Opportunities for innovation with OpenDocument Format XML.

Using open document data to build innovative new solutions - an IBM White Paper.

This short white paper explores several approaches to using ODF XML document data other than found in today's implementations of personal productivity applications. See the link below for some other uses of ODF enumerated by Rob Weir of IBM.

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Oxford Archaeology

Oxford Archaeology, one of Europe's largest independent archaeology practices, are commited to their ground-breaking Open Archaeology programme. This has several strands - to quote their website at

"...a philosophy, some software, a commitment to adopting and developing standards, making archaeological knowledge free to access, a passion. Open Archaeology is all of these."

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