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OIC TC: Activity of the OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance (OIC) TC

Started last year after proposal by convenor Robert Weir, the OASIS OIC TC has begun regular conference-call meetings and is slowly compiling information about interoperability experience and test documents that have been developed.

Rather than create a separate forum or e-mail list for public discussions around ODF interoperability, the OIC TC is encouraging the use of OpenDocument and this forum.

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Interoperability Study for ODF and OOXML


I recently finished a study on interoperability for ODF (and OOXML).  Not surprisingly, we found problems with interoperability for various implementations. More details and the full study is available at:

I would appreciate any feedback.



Interoperability Testing and Resources?

I am interested in any resources regarding the testing of interoperability of either ODF or OOXML.  The only resource I am aware of is the partially completed test suite for ODF.  Is there anything else available?  Has anyone seen any studies or research regarding interoperability testing for document formats? 

Thank you 

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